Replacement windows

Changing just one window in your home can make a huge difference on your energy bill or in noise reduction. We will come to your house and measure + quote the new window for you. If possible we can even leave the old window frame in and just insert a new tilt and turn window. They will come completely finished in any way you choose, so no hassle of painting, unless of course you want to paint yourself. We can replace it in one day so you can start saving tomorrow.

Reasons to change your existing windows or doors

Too much draft
Tilt and turn windows have multiple rubber seals to keep the draft out.
Room too hot on west side or too cold on south side
Thanks to the insulation values of the timber and the special glazing options the tilt and turn windows can make a big different in temperature control.
Multipoint locks all around the windows and doors makes it extremely hard to break in.
No movement
Old hung windows or sliding doors can be hard to operate when they get older. Tilt and turn windows and doors can be easily adjusted in the future and will run smooth thru-out their lifetime.
A window on a noisy street can cause some sleepless nights. Changing to tilt and turn windows can reduce noise up to 80%.
By changing only the windows in your main living area, you can make a huge difference in your comfort of living. For all the reasons above; reduce drafts, sound penetration, heat lost in winter or gained in summer and increase options of ventilation, security, temperature stability and the beauty of the room. Start enjoying this investment now.